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About Us

Joe Foltz Construction has been a builder in Lakes Country since 2004.  We have  a year-round construction crew and a dedicated custom cabinetry shop, River's Edge Cabinetry.

Our company thrives because of our people and our values. We're not the biggest and won't claim to be the best.  However, we are hard working and capable. 


Most people get one chance to build their dream home or office and trust matters. When you choose us, we'll do everything possible to reward your trust.

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How We Work

1.  Ideas + Design

A great building starts with a great idea.  We'll work together to assess your lot and develop a customized floor plan that brings your ideas to life.

2.  Bids + Estimates + Scheduling

Proper estimating and scheduling is crucial to a successful project so once your design is finalized, we'll draft a contract that identifies the cost and timing of your build.

3.  Contracting

As your general contractor and custom builder we'll handle every phase of your project, and we also have a network of subcontractors handpicked for their excellent results.

4.  Construction

This phase encompasses everything from site and foundation work to framing, finishing, and landscaping.  We're in constant communication along the way to ensure your vision is achieved.

5.  Delivery + Follow Up

Once construction is complete we'll do a final walkthrough together and tie up any loose ends, but our commitment to quality doesn't end there.  We warranty our work for 10 years and stand behind our craftsmanship for life.

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We are on the lookout for talented people.  If you're a skilled carpenter with a history of doing great work, drop us a line.  We work year 'round and take good care of our crew.

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